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Video Producer Shropshire Shrewsbury

Wt AuthoR

As a video producer in Shropshire, Shrewsbury, I made sure to identify the key message WT Author wanted to communicate through their video and developed a detailed creative brief that outlined every aspect of the project, from the script to the final cut.

Video Producer Shropshire Shrewsbury

seizinG the oppoRtunity

Adapting to the Modern Buyer

To ensure that I deliver the best possible result, I know that a good storyboard is needed. It helps me plan the shots and see how everything will come together in the end.


At WT Author, they know that storytelling is key to engaging modern buyers. However, creating content that resonates with their audience can be challenging, especially when it comes to inflexible formats. That’s why I’m always exploring new ways to share our message across different platforms and reach a wider audience.


Despite the challenges of 2020, they’re excited to embrace new opportunities and tackle any obstacles that come their way.

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Video Producer Shropshire Shrewsbury

the solution

Mastering the Art of Attention-Grabbing Content

When it comes to content creation, consistency is key. I have a proven workflow that enables me to produce high-quality content on a regular basis, without compromising on quality. I take a strategic approach to content creation and ensure that each piece is aligned with the brand’s overall objectives.


After preparing a pitch deck, the next step is to write the script that brings the concept to life. I use visuals, music and sound effects to make the story more relatable and memorable for the audience. Finally, I include a call to action that aligns with the brand’s goals to encourage the audience to participate.

Video Producer Shropshire Shrewsbury

The Power of Visuals & Audio

In today’s digital world, video content is king and audio-visual elements are the crown jewels.


By investing in the right colours, music and sound effects, you can create a video that resonates with a wider audience and leaves a lasting impression.


With a clear understanding of the brand’s goals, I use my creativity to design videos that meet their specific needs.

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Video Producer Shropshire Shrewsbury

the chAnGinG MARket

The Rise of Video Content for Microbrands

Video content is the key to success for microbrand watch companies in today’s digital age. As a designer, I understand the importance of creating content that truly reflects a brand’s identity. But it’s not just about looks – today’s consumers want an authentic peek into the production process and the craftsmanship behind the product.


That’s why I’m committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and using innovative techniques to create compelling video content that will truly engage and captivate audiences. With my expertise, I can help microbrands stand out in a crowded market and succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

Video Producer Shropshire Shrewsbury

the peRfect pRoduct

tablet studios

Video Producer Shropshire Shrewsbury

GoAls foR GRoWth

Triple Win

My recent efforts have resulted in an incredible 38% increase in clicks compared to the same three-month period last year.


That’s not all, as they’ve also seen an 18% increase in impressions during the same time frame, which means the message is reaching a wider audience.


But the best news of all is that the pre-orders have increased by 15%, resulting in a total of £45,747! This is a fantastic accomplishment, and it’s all thanks to the hard work and dedication of the team.

+38% Increase in Clicks

20/03/2021 – 20/06/2021

20/03/2022 – 20/06/2022


3 month comparison, year-on-year

+18% Increase in Impressions

20/03/2021 – 20/06/2021
20/03/2022 – 20/06/2022


3 month comparison, year-on-year

+15% Increase in Preorders

Versus previous year


From £40,042
to £45,747


Video Producer Shropshire Shrewsbury

leARn MoRe

WT Author

The independent microbrand that designs and builds limited edition, handmade watches from our workshop in Shropshire, UK.


Video Production 

From pre-production planning to post-production editing, I’ve got the skills and expertise to help you create a professional-looking video that will leave a lasting impression.


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