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Freelancer Shropshire Shrewsbury

My clients’ stoRies

As a freelancer based in Shropshire, Shrewsbury, I’m excited to share some of the amazing reviews I’ve received from my satisfied clients. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working on various projects such as website design and development, branding and marketing, collaborating with clients from diverse industries.

Freelancer Shropshire Shrewsbury

Pritesh Vegad

Owner of Diamond Boutique

“Great designer to work with. Delivered over and beyond expectations and made a huge difference to our website. Thanks very much”.

Website © Diamond Boutique

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Freelancer Shropshire Shrewsbury trend forecasters

Graphics © Ritzy Group

Freelancer Shropshire Shrewsbury

Sherry Zhang

Account Manager at Ritzy Group

“Very professional in the design and fashion field … very nice and easy with communication, happy to work with him”.

Freelancer Shropshire Shrewsbury

Artur Kirjakulov

Founder at Stem NFT

“I had a very pleasant experience designing a complete packing and styling for one of our products. 


The communication was smooth, we were presented with plenty of different options to pick from before moving forward. Would definitely recommend to work with as we will surely pick him again in the future”.

Product © Stem NFT

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Freelancer Shropshire Shrewsbury my natural choice

Product © My Natural Choice

Freelancer Shropshire Shrewsbury

Lee Jackson

Founder at My Natural Choice

“Very professional with great communication and he quickly amended some artwork to exactly what was required ready for print. I highly recommend and I look forward to working with him on other projects”.

Freelancer Shropshire Shrewsbury

Daniel Fairweather 

Founder at Leigh Spirit Co. 

“Been great from the very beginning of the project and all the way through. He sat down with us (when we could!) and really took the time to understand what we wanted and by when. 


He then provided all of the guidance and framework to enable us to achieve what we wanted in a sensible and methodical way. 


Brought some really great ideas to the work, not only from a design perspective, but all the way from label options to website functionality. Highly recommended!”

Branding © Leigh Spirit Co.

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Neil Clarke

Designer Specialising in Watches

“During current times where you want your money to be well spent, I would highly recommend… 


Whether you leave him to it or collaborate, I believe the job will be completed to the highest standard. He is happy to listen to your needs and offer solutions/ideas that would never occur to you. 


The care and attention given to your individual needs is backed up with his diverse knowledge and skill set. I look forward to working again with him in the future”.

Joshua Lanzon-Miller

Design Engineer | Working in Medical and Consumer Product Development

“Been great, he’s been super flexible and tailored his services to fit with our project needs and timelines and generally just been really easy to work with.

Creative solutions, good eye for detail and hard working. We will continue to use him from now on”.

William Woods


“A really great designer to work with. Great knowledge and is very thoughtful in his approach to his work.


He communicates very well and ensures you understand what is involved throughout the whole creative process. He carried out my project with great diligence and care”.

Freelancer Shropshire Shrewsbury essex cake shop

Website © Essex Cake Shop

Freelancer Shropshire Shrewsbury

Megan Thurman

Founder at The Essex Cake Shop

“I am not the best when it comes to technology but he was so on the ball with me and helped every step of the way! He knew exactly what I wanted and needed from my website.


After sending over ideas, my business information and overall needs of the website etc, he set to work on it straight away and had some amazing ideas and visions for my website.


I’m so happy with the end result and the support I have received throughout the process and still on going now too. Full of so much knowledge of processes and what does and doesn’t work. I completely trust him and would 100% recommend it to everyone”.

James Gregory

Content Editor at Essex Live

“Incredible, quick and love what he does, nothing but an incredible experience working with him… would highly recommend”.

James Fields

Founder at Swan & Edgar / Gamages

“Great quality and a pleasure to do business with”.

John Farrell

Founder at Cutting Factory

“Never fails to deliver and we look forward to working together more over the coming years”.

Freelancer Shropshire Shrewsbury

Martyn Towell

Director at Essex Maintenance

“The quality of service we have received from him has been second to none. Jon is a professional and would strongly recommend him to anyone wishing to improve their online exposure”.

SEO © Essex Maintenance

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Branding © Gemini Support

Freelancer Shropshire Shrewsbury

Julie Dechamps

Founder at Gemini Support

“Provided an excellent service full of creativity. Professional and reliable. My website and flyers are amazing!”

Freelancer Shropshire Shrewsbury

Claire Bush

Head of Marketing at Penguin Random House UK

“A fantastic designer – super creative, responsive and professional”.

Graphics © Penguin Random House

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design studio reviews my other husband

Graphics © Headline Publishing

Freelancer Shropshire Shrewsbury

Lucy Hall

Head of Marketing at Headline Publishing Group Limited

“Great, speedy service as well as really fantastic design work, he is a such a brilliant designer to work with”.

Freelancer Shropshire Shrewsbury body aesthetics

Website © Body Aesthetics

Freelancer Shropshire Shrewsbury

Anthony Lennox

Founder at Body Aesthetics

“An amazing, professional that has given us outstanding results”.

Gareth Chapman

Design Office & Project Manager at STC Twenty One Limited


“Great experience working with himon our website and over the moon with the end result. Would definitely recommend”.

Scott Keefe

Founder at Auto Keys 


“Supplied me with a comprehensive website and SEO strategy to suit my locksmith business to a tee. Continued support in all areas makes sure I am communicating effectively with my customers at all times”.

Joanna Wu

MAC Europe Limited


“Professional, experienced; very nice, patient and inspiring; to work with him is really a pleasure!”

Freelancer Shropshire Shrewsbury

Rajeev Mehta

Founder at Contego Search

“Excellent partner on the journey. Highly talented, patient and has integrity. His commercial skills are pretty unparalleled. It’s nice to have Author Imprint as partners in the journey.”

Freelancer Shropshire Shrewsbury contego search

Branding © Contego Search

Photography © Maxwell Commercial Photographers

Freelancer Shropshire Shrewsbury

Lewis Bloor

Commercial Photographer & Videographer 

“Absolutely great to collaborate with and I look forward to working with more in the future.”

Freelancer Shropshire Shrewsbury

Jenny MacLennan

Product Manager at OTL Technologies

“Instrumental over the past few years in getting our business to the next level. From multiple website builds using Magento and WordPress to SEO/Google Ads, product photography and copy. Also overhauled all our marketing materials and look books. There’s literally no end to his talents and he is an absolute joy to work with and nothing fazes him. Highly recommended!”

Website © OTL Technologies

design studio reviews onestep

Advertising © Onestep Solutions LLP

Freelancer Shropshire Shrewsbury

Sarah Watson

Marketing Executive at Onestep Solutions LLP

“First class service. I have worked on several projects now, from website design to promotional artwork and everything has been delivered to the highest quality and on time (often quicker). He was always available to help out if I had any questions and were on hand with ideas and feedback when I needed it. Would 100% recommend him to anyone looking!”

Andrew Shipway

IT Manager at Hamilton-Brown Business Graphics

From our first contact through to the delivery of our first client project, he has been a pleasure to work with, ensuring all expectations have been met and then exceeded.


He has taken our original concept and delivered a marketable product that we can pitch and reproduce to any of our clients enabling a brand new stream of revenue for the business.


In addition to helping with growing our ideas, he has also provided training and workshops for our in-house designers as well as a number of our client’s which has had extremely positive feedback.


I would happily recommend for advertising, graphics, photography, product or web design projects and hope to work with him more in the future.”

Tony Harris

Head of Brand Sales at FM Group

“Very positive experience. Delivers projects on time, on budget, on a creative level, and gets the brief each time. No problem recommending”.