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Diamond Boutique Website

Web Design Shropshire Shrewsbury diamond boutique website design tablet

Working on Diamond Boutique’s website design was an exciting challenge for me. I started by understanding their brand goals, target audience and competitors.

Essex Maintenance SEO

Search Engine Optimisation Shropshire Shrewsbury jon shakespeare essex maintenance seo laptop 2

Using my expertise and experience in SEO, I was able to develop a customised plan to improve Essex Maintenance’s website’s rankings and visibility in search engines.

Michael Joseph Advertising

Advertising Shropshire Shrewsbury jon shakespeare michael joseph advertising crime evening laptop

Michael Joseph is always pushing the envelope when it comes to their advertising and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. When I start a new project, my first step is to really dig in and understand what they’re trying to accomplish.

WT Author Video

Video Production Shropshire Shrewsbury jon shakespeare wt author watch

When working with WT Author, I made sure to identify the key message they wanted to communicate through their video and developed a detailed creative brief that outlined every aspect of the project, from the script to the final cut.

Avacardy Photography

avercardy photography featured author studios

When working with Avacardy, I take the time to truly listen to their needs and develop a comprehensive creative brief that outlines the project’s requirements.

Penguin Random House Animation

Animation Shropshire Shrewsbury jon shakespeare penguin random house burning girls laptop

For Penguin Random House’s animation design, I begin by immersing myself in the brand’s goals, target audience and competition. Working hand-in-hand with the team, I establish the message they want to convey through their animation and develop a detailed creative brief that outlines every aspect of the project.

Stem NFT Product

stem nft product design featured author studios

Collaborating with Stem NFT on their product design is always an exciting challenge for me. To ensure success, I start by gaining a thorough understanding of their goals, target audience and competitors.

Meredith Alone Graphics

meredith alone graphics featured image author studios

When collaborating with Penguin on their graphic design for Meredith Alone, I always start by understanding the brand’s goals, target audience and competition

Leigh Spirit Co. Branding Design

leigh spirit co branding featured image author studios

Leigh Spirit Co. is a startup that faces a common problem – limited funding.

Most businesses need to generate revenue in order to grow and succeed. But how do you generate revenue if you don’t have any money to start with?